Therapeutic Massage
A form of therapy that focuses on certain problem areas/conditions to promote better health, range of motion, flexibility and/or pain reduction.

Swedish Massage
Great for relaxation. A popular and effective way to promote health, improve circulation and relieve tension. It’s a perfect compliment to our other health care services.
½ hour: $45
1 hour: $70
1½ hour: $110
With Rosemary Scalp Treatment: add $15
With Aromatherapy: add $5

Myofascial Release
The John Barnes method of Myofascial Release is a safe, hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion. Very effective in the treatment of chronic pain and fibromyalgia. Please bring gym shorts or a two piece bathing suit to your session.
1 hour: $75

Body Scrub
This total body experience includes an exfoliation using an all natural scrub that is appropriate for your skin type and needs, followed by an application of a moisturizing lotion.
½ hour: $45
1 hour: $75

Hand Massage
Treat yourself to a hand massage. Leaves hands feeling rejuvenated.
add a paraffin dip to soothe dried skin: $10

Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage
Relieve the stress and tension of the day. A deeply relaxing massage of the head, neck and shoulders.
½ hour: $45

Ayurvedic Massage
Derived from an ancient Indian tradition, these treatments are designed to help loosen toxins in the body and release excesses. The goal in all the treatments is to restore balance and reestablish calm and harmony. These treatments are deeply cleansing and purifying to the mind, body, and soul. The treatments have a rhythm and flow that covers the entire body. Herbalized oils are used which target your individual imbalances.
Abhyanga (soothing massage): $75

include Garshana (exfoliation): $95

A Japanese technique of balancing energy and opening blockages for relaxation and stress relief. Reiki enhances your quality of life, helps to ease depression, aids in weight loss, and helps reduce the negative effects of medication.

Volcanic Ash Mud Wrap
Smoother, more compact looking thighs & buttocks! Reduce the “Spongy” look of cellulite. Exfoliates and detoxifies
Full Body: $85
Stomach & thigh areas only: $30

A refreshing treatment that includes a deep cleansing, exfoliating scrub, gentle massage, steam and masque followed by a refreshing toner and nourishing moisturizer.

*Massage and Reiki practitioners are available by appointment only

The massages and aroma therapy are out of this world.

– Janet Smithers



“You don’t know what a massage is until you try the Swedish Massage!”

– Andrea Burkette

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